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Everything we do is grounded in over
25 years of sales and marketing expertise.

Logan Kettrick's experienced, business-savvy copywriters know how to generate results. This tried-and-true team has been assembled over the years by Logan Kettrick founder Bonnie Longbotham. Since 1988, Bonnie has served as the President and Chief Creative Officer of Longbotham Strategic Marketing, an award-winning marketing and advertising firm with a diverse, national clientele.

When clients submit reference materials, they typically contain rough content with grammar or spelling errors. At the agency, the creative team reworks everything and produces brand-new, gorgeous marketing materials, handling the whole kit 'n kaboodle from start to finish. However, not every customer requires that level of support. Sometimes you just need the words. Welcome to Logan Kettrick.

Why customers love Logan Kettrick...

Your happiness is our primary goal!
If we can ever improve your experience, please contact us right away.

Exceptional Service from Industry Professionals

Exceptional Service from Industry Professionals

Our copywriters, editors and proofreaders have been hand-picked for their talent
and experience.

Instant Access

Instant Access

Easy online ordering is
available 24 hours a day. Submit any project at
your convenience!

More Edits and Proofs

More Proofs and Edits

"Original Writing" and "Revise
and Proofread" include a free
second proof with edits and
a free third proof.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

No long-term contracts!
Order what you want,
when you want it.

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Talent redundancies ensure
that your deadlines are met, every time!

Pride and Patriotism

Pride and Patriotism

100% of our work, including customer service, is handled right here in America.

Responsive Customer Service

Customer Service

No automated answering machines here! Cheerful humans answer our phones.

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