Are you a rockstar web designer who hates writing content?

We know lots of uber-talented folks who live and breathe web design but would skip the content creation any day of the week! No worries. Hire our experienced copywriters to write or edit your content and you can stick to making jaw-dropping graphics, building flexible forms and coding til your eyes glaze over. We’re 100% behind the scenes, so your clients think you’re the one churning out all the great content! And hey, since Logan Kettrick was created by a development team with over 25 years of sales and marketing¬†experience, we know how to partner with you so the copywriting properly reflects the attitude and branding of each of your custom website designs. Give us a call and let’s discuss the possibilities!

ATTN: Overworked Marketing Directors

Too much on your plate today? And every day? We get it. Many companies expect their in-house Marketing Directors to be graphic designers, copywriters, video production experts, SEO gurus, web wizards and so much more. Not only is it impractical to think that any one employee could effectively fill all of those roles within a 9-5 time period, but it’s actually not cost-effective. Nobody knows the inner workings of a company better than the Marketing Director. We understand that you need to spend your time doing the research, developing marketing plans, implementing those plans, measuring the results and forecasting for the future. So go ahead. You be the brains, we’ll be the brawn! Our experienced copywriters and editors will make you look like a hero. Why not outsource a project to us right now?