Are you a rockstar web designer who hates writing content?

We know lots of uber-talented folks who live and breathe web design but would skip the content creation any day of the week! No worries. Hire our experienced copywriters to write or edit your content and you can stick to making jaw-dropping graphics, building flexible forms and coding til your eyes glaze over. We’re 100% behind the scenes, so your clients think you’re the one churning out all the great content! And hey, since Logan Kettrick was created by a development team with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, we know how to partner with you so the copywriting properly reflects the attitude and branding of each of your custom website designs. Give us a call and let’s discuss the possibilities!

Weary of cleaning up icky copy?

If you’re an advertising agency, public relations firm or website design company, you’re probably receiving all sorts of random copy from clients for their projects. Some of the copywriting might be great, but, based on our experience, we’re guessing that most of it leaves something to be desired. And jeepers, you’re already hip-deep in the marketing strategy, media plan or site map. Why not hire Logan Kettrick’s professional copywriters and editors to elevate that content to the next level? We can either write stuff from scratch or take what you’ve been given and refresh, revise and reimagine it. With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, we know how to sell the benefits with style and substance!

ATTN: Overworked Marketing Directors

Too much on your plate today? And every day? We get it. Many companies expect their in-house Marketing Directors to be graphic designers, copywriters, video production experts, SEO gurus, web wizards and so much more. Not only is it impractical to think that any one employee could effectively fill all of those roles within a 9-5 time period, but it’s actually not cost-effective. Nobody knows the inner workings of a company better than the Marketing Director. We understand that you need to spend your time doing the research, developing marketing plans, implementing those plans, measuring the results and forecasting for the future. So go ahead. You be the brains, we’ll be the brawn! Our experienced copywriters and editors will make you look like a hero. Why not outsource a project to us right now?

The path to your next promotion…

…is paved with thoughtfully written internal memos and documents, targeted advertising copywriting and seo-friendly content for your company’s website. Working in the marketing department? Looking for that next step up in salary, title and influence? Dress for the job you want, or rather “dress up your words” for the job you want. When you communicate with clarity and purpose, co-workers, customers and employers take you more seriously and place more weight on your opinions and observations. Hey look, not everyone is a born writer. But each of us has something meaningful to contribute. The experienced copywriters and editors at Logan Kettrick would be happy to help you make the messages that are important to you more relevant to the people around you. We’ll work behind the scenes to craft language that resonates with the dignity and gravitas needed to propel you forward in your career path. Give us a call today!

As he stepped up to the podium..

…there was a swell of applause from the crowd below. A wave of his hand and a hush crept over the gathering. He cleared his throat, “Today, we are gathered together to recognize progress. Starting right now, each and every one of us begins looking our jobs, our co-workers and even our lives, through a different lens. My friends…from this day forward, you are no longer an employee. Look around you. Everyone here has earned a stake in this company and now enjoys the rights, privileges and responsibilities of ownership. Get ready for…”

Are you or your company about to embark on a landmark project that requires content that stirs emotion, changes minds and promotes action? We’d love to help. Logan Kettrick’s experienced copywriters and editors are experts at crafting customized, targeted, memorable messages…perfect for political campaigns, new product launches, company mergers, and other significant undertakings. Email us today and tell us all about your project. We’ll peruse, ponder and call you back with a slew of really great ideas. See, we don’t just write stuff. We’re creatives at heart. At Logan Kettrick, our team of professional advertising copywriters can help you build a better business!