Tickle & Woo your way to higher sales

Everyone here at Logan Kettrick is super-excited about the launch of our sister company, Tickle & Woo. Their themed Tickle Box Subscriptions are amazing new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that B2B sales representatives can use to stay in touch with prospects and customers. Themes include business travel, golf, coffee, outdoor recreation, kitchen gadgets, camping, survival and more. Tickle Boxes include a themed conversation card with an interesting tip or fact, your Company Imprint and a small token of your esteem. How does it work? You simply order one Company Imprint (a full color company logo with generous descriptive copy) that can go on as many Tickle Boxes as you want. Then, you assign each of your prospects or customers their own individual 6 or 12-Month Subscription. Every month, Tickle & Woo assembles and ships the mailings. It’s an awesome new way to maintain connections, rekindle stalled relationships and build rapport. And once you approve your Company Imprint, it’s effortless and automatic! Check out the website at www.TickleAndWoo.com.