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Feeding America

Our Charity of the Year is Feeding America

For most of us, hunger is that nagging feeling we experience when we forget to eat breakfast. But for one in six Americans, hunger is a very real danger. Living in the United States, shopping in super-sized grocery stores and zipping through drive-thrus on a daily basis, it's easy to think that threats like this occur "someplace else." Sadly, hunger strikes children, seniors and hard-working Americans every single day.

Logan Kettrick is proud to support Feeding America, our nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Through a nationwide network of food banks, this organization devotes itself to feeding America's hungry.

We chose this charity because of its reputation, accountability and proven impact on our society. Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator, has awarded Feeding America four out of a possible four stars. According to Feeding America's FY2011 audited financial statement, for every dollar raised, Feeding America puts 97 cents directly back into programs that serve 37 million people in need.

For each order placed this year, Logan Kettrick will donate
$1.00 towards helping provide meals to families in need.

$1.00 =

Each $1.00 donation will purchase 8 meals

Each $1.00 donation will purchase 8 meals, secured and distributed by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.

Join us! Get involved! Learn more at www.FeedingAmerica.org