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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your specific question listed here, please email your inquiry to support@logankettrick.com. Thanks!

1. What's the difference between "Revise and Proofread" and "Spit 'n Polish"?

Choose "Revise and Proofread" if your rough draft needs a professional rewrite. Opt for "Spit 'n Polish" if you have a finished document that would benefit from an objective once-over.

2. What if I request "Spit 'n Polish" and you think it needs a major revision?

Rest assured, we won't do anything without checking with you first. If a project is somehow submitted under the wrong Service Level, we'll send you an email alert that describes your options. Just let us know how you'd like to proceed.

3. If I order "Revise and Proofread" or "Spit 'n Polish", what types of editable files may I upload?

We accept: .docx, .doc, .rtf, .txt and .pdf

4. I went to order "Original Writing" and was asked to upload reference documents. What do you mean?

A reference document is anything that can help us better understand the "personality" of your firm. The goal is to make our writing sound like your business. Upload brochures, flyers, annual reports, press releases, etc. Use the comment box to share links, website addresses and other relevant tidbits.

5. What if I don't have an "editable" document to upload?
What if I only have a scan of something or a jpg? Will you still take it?

Sure! We'd be glad to type up your content for a small fee. Before we begin, we'll send a quote via email for your approval.

6. When you ask me to "Describe my Project," what do you need to know?

As much as possible! That text box will hold up to 5,000 characters worth of information. Tell us what you're doing, why you're doing it and give us a sense of your end goal. Share information about your firm, your industry and your competitors. Offer whatever information you believe will help us complete your project (and do it brilliantly!).

7. When you ask me to "Describe my Audience," what do you mean?

Who are you trying to reach with your message? Businesses or consumers? Adults, seniors, teens or children? Gender? Reading level? Income? Education level? Geographic location? The description text box will hold up to 5,000 characters (about 15 pages worth of info). Use as much space as you need.

8. How do I know it'll sound like my organization?

When placing an order, you can select from a number of different writing styles. Choose the one that most closely matches the tone of your existing communications materials and is a proper reflection of your overall branding strategy.

9. I value my privacy and security. How do you protect my information?

Your order and all associated content is transmitted using SSL technology by GeoTrust, a leading digital certificate provider, and is handled only by Logan Kettrick editors, writers and support staff, each of whom has signed a strict confidentiality agreement. To view our Privacy Policy, click here.

10. What if I'm the one who's supposed to write, edit or proofread? Can you do it for me?

Whether you're a busy CEO, writing for your employer or providing content to a client, there's no shame in hiring a ghostwriter. We're perfectly content to stay completely invisible. You can take full ownership, and full credit, for anything we create on your behalf. Rest assured, no one will know...our lips are officially sealed!

11. When can I see the first proof?

Select Standard Turnaround and you'll receive a .pdf proof via email 5-7 business days after you place your order. For faster service, choose Priority Turnaround (3-5 business days) or 24-Rush Turnaround. Not all products are available in every Service Level, so be sure to check delivery options for each individual item.

12. How do changes work?

If you order "Original Content" or "Revise and Proofread", you can submit changes after you've reviewed the first proof. After you submit them, we'll work as quickly as possible to generate your next proof. Your second proof allows you to see how your edits actually appear in the document. At this stage, most folks request a few small tweaks. We'll cheerfully make those last changes and send you a third proof for final approval. The price of these products include the first proof and the first round of edits. We provide the second proof, second round of edits and third proof as complimentary services. If you've chosen "Spit 'n Polish", you'll receive one proof, have an opportunity to make one round of changes and receive a second proof for final approval. The price of the product includes the first proof and the first round of edits. We provide the second proof as a complimentary service.

13. What if I need to make changes beyond those included in the Service Level?

We'd be glad to make changes 'til the cows come home. However, anything past our Service Level inclusions may cost a wee bit more. Of course, the fee depends on the extent of the changes. We'll email you a quote for approval before we proceed.

14. How will my proofs be delivered?

You'll receive an email with an attached .pdf file. Feel free to make changes in the manner that's most comfortable for you:
- Email us your feedback
- Open the file in Adobe® Acrobat®, mark it up digitally and email it back
- Print it, mark it up with a pen, scan it and email it back

15. How will final materials be delivered?

You'll receive an email with an attached .txt file that will open easily on both macs and pcs. In accordance with APA Guidelines, Logan Kettrick provides editable digital content composed in 12 pt. Times New Roman, submitted on double-spaced 8.5"x11" documents with 1" margins on all sides.

16. When will you transfer the Usage Rights to me?

The final .txt file will contain an official Logan Kettrick Usage Rights Release. Once you receive the content, it's yours to do with as you please...repurpose it, tweak it, whatever makes you happy!

17. Would you double-check proofs from one of our other vendors?

Sure thing. We often get requests to review or proofread documents submitted to customers by consultants, designers, printers and so on. If your project falls within the parameters of an existing Logan Kettrick product, simply place your order under "Revise and Proofread" or "Spit 'n Polish". If it's something completely different, it would fall under Custom Projects. Email support@logankettrick.com and tell us what you need. Attach a few .pdfs if they help you tell your story. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

18. What if I have an unusual project?

Want your content written from a pirate's perspective? Need a Japanese translation? Email support@logankettrick.com and share your challenge. We'll brainstorm and provide a custom quote. Although the bulk of our business consists of ecommerce transactions, the caliber of our work has inspired our customers to involve us in many other interesting, creative endeavors.

19. Will you use my project as a sample of Logan Kettrick's work?

Not unless we get your permission first! As far as we're concerned, once you've paid for it, it belongs to you.