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In the market for a new adventure?
We're on the lookout for the best of the best!

Gifted Writers

If writing comes as easy as breathing, you, my friend,
are a genuine talent.

Thoughtful Editors

If you're at your best when offering swift, constructive criticism, our writers will appreciate your insight.

Meticulous Proofreaders

If you're the nit-picky type, sharpen your pencil...
we adore overachievers!

Help Desk Heroes

If making other people happy makes you happy, this job could be a dream come true.

C'mon...dazzle us with your brilliance!

Write us the letter of a lifetime explaining why you're uniquely and undeniably qualified to join our incredible team. When you're finished, email it, along with a resume and samples of your work, to admin@LoganKettrick.com.

As we receive inquiries on a regular basis, you'll only hear back from us if you really "wow" us.
That said, we can't wait to hear from you (and thanks so much for your interest).